architectural & interior design

With natural engineering ability, a gift for lighting, and an extensive knowledge of structure and materials, Steve and the artisans at Steve Morris Designs are a valuable tool for architects and interior designers. We have a long history of collaboration with both, creating custom furniture as well as lighting, modern stairs and railings. We are well-versed in distilling a client’s various tastes – then bringing their artistic vision to light.

We have designed restaurants, stores, and homes in the Hudson Valley region of New York, New York City and the Hamptons, and as far as the West coast. Working directly with us on interior and architectural design can eliminate the need for specialty fabricators.

Steve Morris’ background in design and the arts, as well as years spent in the building and fabrication trades, makes us the ultimate “Design Build” partner. As an interior designer, artist, and collaborator, he shares his own unique understanding of art and design. He has a love for all things modern from the deco period, the arts and crafts movement, and the contemporary designs of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Steve believes present day modern design is an amalgam of everything that has preceded it – and that visionary artists reconstitute what has already been done in their own distinct way.

A consumate wood and metal worker with over 30 years in the construction trades, Steve loves to work with other artists and views it as an opportunity to fit into another person’s pallet — to see the project through their eyes, and learn from their sense of design.

A key strategy at Steve Morris Designs is flexibility… working in the way that is best for you. We have the skills and experience to be a part of your design team, and can play a supporting role with architects, interior designers and owners. We are equally prepared to take the front-seat role in your architectural / interior design project.

“Whether it is as part of your design team or working one-to-one with you, allow us to to use our vast experience, skills, and resources to help you smoothly execute your vision.”