gates & sculpture

At Steve Morris Designs, we can create gates, garden sculptures, trellises, and arbors for designers, landscape architects and homeowners. Let us create an accent piece to set off your interior décor, a sculpture for your, atrium or green house or a contemporary piece to set off your landscape design.

Whether you’re looking for a sculpture that’s whimsical, classic wrought iron, or clean contemporary – birds, bees, or butterflies in bronze or stainless, polished or patinated… create serenity in your garden with an outdoor sculpture from Steve Morris Designs in mixed media, metal, wood or glass using reclaimed and ecofriendly materials.

Make a statement about who you are with a custom gate for your estate – an entrance that is a true work of art, as unique as it is functional. Or a sculptural gateway, as beautiful as it is effective for protecting your tranquility pond, pool or garden.